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Some random QSLs

2:35am NZST 
Thu, 21 Sep 2017 

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Some scanned QSLs selected at random from my collection
Click on the thumbnail image to see a full-sized image. Click the "reload" button in your browser for another random selection, or browse by country. Note that some of the details may not be particularly accurate due to the state of some of my old log books.

DXers, SWLs, radio enthusiasts and associated clubs are free to use any of these images provided appropriate credit is given.
Please email me, Chris Mackerell, if you use, or link to, any of the images. 73 Chris

Radio Bosom 1XB, Auckland, New Zealand
950 kHz, 22/2/1977 07:11 UTC
Radio Bosom 1XBRadio Bosom 1XB
TWR Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo, Monaco
7105 kHz, 31/12/1974 07:45 UTC
TWR Monte CarloTWR Monte Carlo
WINB, Red Lion, PA, United States of America
15185 kHz, 23/9/1972 21:15 UTC
Radio San Marino International, , San Marino
11410 kHz, 19/10/1997 07:00 UTC
Radio San Marino InternationalRadio San Marino International
Radio Nacional de Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil
11780 kHz, 11/9/1974 21:00 UTC
Radio Nacional de BrasiliaRadio Nacional de Brasilia
Caribbean Beacon, , Anguila
1610 kHz, 15/7/1993 04:45 UTC
Caribbean BeaconCaribbean Beacon
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