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Laser 558 - UK off-shore radio from 1985

7:56am NZST 
Sat, 22 Sep 2018 

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Here is a UK off-shore radio "blast from the past" recorded when I was living in London.

I've found a copy of my original recordings of Laser 558 from 1984/5, so the audio files have been re-recorded. The audio quality of the original recordings aren't very good, but the bit rate is higher than the original files I had here.

Laser 558 jocks on air
(Video posted on YouTube by David Barras)

Where Are They Now?

For anyone who remembers Jessie at work you'll probably imagine my reaction when, driving to work through the Wellington, New Zealand, traffic during 1999, tuned to our Radio New Zealand's National Radio "Morning Report" program and have heard reports from "our correspondent in Washington, Jessie Brandon...."!!

Definitely the same Jessie - the years haven't changed the voice that much!

If anyone knows what Jessie, or any of the other Laser jocks, are doing now please email me and I'll add the details to this page.

August '99: From Simon Marks in Washington:

"I am happy to report that Jessie Brandon is alive and well, and living in Washington DC where she's doing a terrific job working as a radio news editor for my company. We supply overseas broadcast networks with their international news, and Radio New Zealand is one of our most important clients.

I, too, spent plenty of time listening to her during her Laser days, and was delighted to stumble across her voice on the radio here in Washington when I moved here about 6 years ago. She joined the company about 15 months ago.

You can hear lots more of her on our website: She anchors our audio news all weekend, plus Mondays - Wednesdays in the afternoon Washington time."

February 2000: More from Simon:

Tommy Rivers is now better known as Tom Rivers...and is CBS News' London correspondent. He's all over the CBS Radio newscasts all the time.

Erin Kelly is now Erin Weber and works for WYCD Young Country 99.5

Charlie Wolf wrote:

I am now doing a show talkSPORT in London - it's taken me a lot of years, but am finally doing national radio in the UK. The site is: I'm on the station on a regular basis on Saturday mornings from 2 A to 6 A

Charlie has moved on from talkSPORT and is now working at RedFM in Cork, Ireland - see their web site

You can get the full story of Laser 558 on this double CD recording, narrated by Charlie Wolf:
You can get "The Laser 558 Story", and lots of other great radio stuff, from
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