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Sat, 22 Sep 2018 

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Icom R8500


Welcome to my pages about DXing, shortwave radio, and radio in general.

My latest project is experimenting with DRM - digital shortwave radio. My experiences, and reception results from New Zealand, will be found on my Digital Radio Mondiale page.

If you can see the screen background on this page then you can probably guess that I am an AOR AR-7030 owner. My other main receivers are a Drake SPR-4, a Yaesu FRG-100/DRM, and an AOR AR-8200 scanner. Other receivers I've owned in the past include the Yaesu FRG-7 and FRG-7700, Eddystone 680X, Grundig TR6002. I have now also started tinkering around restoring some receivers, and collecting others. You can see more details of my radios by clicking here. Enjoy!

I've been interested in this hobby since the late '60s:

My main interests are in tropical band and broadcast band DXing, but I'll listen to just about anything.

Here are some other links that I hope you find useful:

Where I normally listen from in Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand

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My QSLs 
Listening Shack 
Laser 558 
Radio Jackie 

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South East Sound 
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